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“Tax authorities are notoriously unforgiving. Secure planning is essential.”

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    Tax advice in Spain

    Tax mistakes are frequently costly and amongst those we are most likely to regret not having foreseen. You should ensure you get your tax affairs right from the start.

    We advise non resident clients wishing to live and work or retire to Spain on their tax liability in Spain and the effects of relevant double taxation treaties.

    We also advise tax residents in Spain who wish to remit funds to Spain as a result of an inheritance or distribution of funds on the winding up of a trust abroad.

    Tax authorities are notoriously unforgiving. Secure planning is essential.

    Once you become resident in Spain, you are taxed on your worldwide income (earned and unearned), capital gains from all sources and on your worldwide assets:

    • Help you arrange your financial affairs before you become tax resident in Spain
    • Adapt tax planning arrangements involving tusts and property holding companies to take into account taxation in Spain.
    • Advise on ownership of property in your own name or through a company
    • Counsel on Spanish tax issues affecting tax residents and non residents and tax mitigation schemes:
    Spanish sourced income and capital gains and double taxation relief
    UK sourced capital gain and available tax relief under Spanish IRPF
    Wealth tax
    Inheritance tax planning
    Spanish gift tax
    Property taxes on ownership, acquisition and sale of property in Spain
    Tax treatment of trusts
    Tax consequences of division of matrimonial assets on divorce or separation.
    Declaration of assets held abroad (M720 form)
    Remittance of funds from foreign inheritance or winding up of trust
    Loans and gifts to children living in Spain

    Working closely with our expert corporate and wills and probate law teams, we provide integrated legal advice and assistance on the corporate and trust structures and drafting Spanish wills. We also work closely with numerous tax and trust service companies in the UK and internationally where necessary.

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