Spanish wills for resident and non resident home owners.

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    We understand the different probate procedures and inheritance laws in Spain and the UK.

    It is advisable to make a separate Spanish will in relation to your Spanish assets in Spain. Scudamore Law is a firm of English-speaking lawyers specialised in Spanish law, we provide legal advice and help you with your estate planning and inheritance.

    By making a will your property goes to those you care most about, not those decided by the law.

    By making a Spanish will, you facilitate the procedure for the transfer of your property to your heirs and at the same time minimise the potential for conflict between family members.


    • Advise British and other foreign nationals resident or owning property in Spain on the law applicable to their inheritance and how this may be affected by issues such as domicile, habitual residence, nationality and the nature and location of the property.
    • Pragmatic advice as to how you may best achieve your desired outcome in circumstances where forced heirship rules or other provisions of Spanish law could limit the testator’s freedom to dispose of their property, sometimes involving action complementary to the execution of the will itself.
    • Advise on issues such as whether an English will which expressly revokes a Spanish will and disposes of the Spanish assets would be upheld by the Spanish courts.
    • We can ensure that the provisions of your Spanish will are compatible with any English or other will, that it is drawn up in a form that will be readily understood by the beneficiaries, and that it will be duly registered in the Spanish Central Wills Register.
    • Spanish inheritance tax. We help you mitigate inheritance tax and double taxation.

    We help you arrange your assets in Spain so that they benefit the people you wish to benefit and minimise tax liability.

    We help you plan your inheritance so as to procure the efficient transmission of your assets to your heirs in both jurisdictions, with the minimum of inconvenience, and paying the minimum amount of inheritance tax.

    We advise on the inheritance of your Spanish assets taking into consideration Spanish inheritance and gift tax, and avoiding or minimising double taxation in Spain and the country in which you or your heirs reside.

    Scudamore also assists you to protect your assets in situations such as divorce or bankruptcy.

    We advise on the tax implications of trusts under Spanish law, whether arising on the death of a testator or in the case of winding up an English or foreign trust and distributing the proceeds to the heir in Spain. We are used to providing solutions that reconcile the IHT tax strategies of the UK or foreign beneficiaries with the tax position of the Spanish beneficiary.

    Whether you are non resident with a holiday home in Spain, or are intending to live or retire to Spain, we help you optimise your personal and inheritance tax position, and help you ensure that your tax planning arrangements using trusts or corporate structures are tax efficient and compatible in Spain.

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