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If you are looking to become a resident of a secure, European Union investor-friendly country, Spain’s Golden Visa property investment visa is arguably the best in Europe.

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    Scudamore Law can offer a reliable all-in-one Golden Visa & Real Estate Purchase Package for residential & commercial investors.

    The Golden Visa was introduced in 2013 to enable investors from non-EU countries to make a capital investment in Spain or buy Spanish property valued at €500,000 or more to obtain residency via a fast-track procedure, allowing them to live and work in Spain.

    At Scudamore Law, we are dual-qualified English and Spanish lawyers based in London, UK and Madrid & Almería, Spain and can advise you wherever you are in the world.

    We offer expert Spanish legal advice with the highest standards of British professionalism. 

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    “Wonderful team of professionals. All bilingual in Spanish and English. Understand multiculturalism and have lots of experience. Fully recommend.” five star rating Scudamore Law

    “Expert law firm, providing services in various areas of Spanish and EU law. Excellent advice and guidance provided, especially in immigration matters for non-EU individuals.” five star rating Scudamore Law


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    Our team can deliver a bespoke Spanish Golden Visa and property purchase service, allowing you to acquire property then secure your Spanish residency in one convenient, cost-effective process.

    We regularly advise individuals (and individuals via companies) and families looking to make a personal move.

    We also take referrals and instructions from professionals based in the UK and non-EU countries looking for specialist Spanish property law advice on behalf of their clients, including financial advisors, real estate professionals, agents, brokers and personal representatives.

    So, whether you are considering your next smart business decision or embarking on a new adventure with your family, our Spanish Golden Visa lawyers can provide the support and guidance you need.

    With a team comprising of dual-qualified, fluent Spanish and English speaking lawyers, you can expect:

    • 20+ years of experience handling Spanish property transactions for English speaking investors.
    • An in-depth knowledge of Spanish law and English law – we excel in cross-border transactions, bridging cultural and legal differences and helping foreign investors make a home in Spain.
    • English-level professional quality standards – we put our clients’ best interests first, are honest about costs and risks and ensure you receive all the information and advice you need to make informed decisions about how to move forwards.
    • Personalised advice – the legal guidance and support you need, tailored to meet your individual circumstances.
    • An attentive, proactive service – we work efficiently and are always available to provide updates and answer questions.
    • A commercially-focused mindset – helping you grasp opportunities, minimise risk and succeed in Spain’s very different business and legal environment.
    • A supportive shoulder to lean on – we aim to make your experience with us as straightforward and stress-free as possible.
    • Costs transparency – we are upfront about our fees so you can proceed with your investment with confidence.

    For more general information about buying property in Spain, visit our Spanish property & real estate law page.

    How our specialist Spanish Golden Visa Lawyers can help

    Our service covers:

    • Advising foreign investors about the Spanish Golden Visa route, including the application process, criteria and potential timeframes.
    • Handling the application process on your behalf.
    • Advice about extending legal residence and work permit rights to immediate family members.
    • General advice about your rights and responsibilities under your Spanish Golden Visa, such as right to travel around Spain and other European Union countries (known as the Schengen area).
    • Handling residential and commercial conveyancing transactions, including:
      • Property searches and planning checks.
      • Contract negotiations.
      • Handling completion before the notary.
      • General Spanish tax advice.
      • Purchasing property as an individual via a company.
    • Assisting with the practical aspects of Spanish residency, such as advising on Spanish Foreigner Identity Cards (TIE).
    • Additional property advice for foreign investors, including:
      • Letting out properties under rental agreements.
      • Managing and maintaining commercial property.
      • Investment structuring and management of income and capital.

    We make the process easy to understand and stress-free

     You will feel in safe hands with the purchase of the property because we:

    • Inform you beforehand of the costs, taxes and procedure to be followed
    • Check the legal and planning status of the property
    • Identify risks and build appropriate protection into the contract of sale
    • Facilitate successful completion due to our ability to overcome sticking-points
    • Accompany you throughout the entire process
    • Place you on an equal footing with the seller/buyer

    Why choose Scudamore Law?

    Expert Spanish legal advice – A British sense of professionalism

     Scudamore Law is an established Anglo-Spanish firm providing legal services to foreign investors for over 20 years. Our lawyers are qualified English and Spanish lawyers. We are specialist international corporate lawyers and are experts in both English and Spanish company law. We communicate in native English in language you understand.

    20+ experience

    We anticipate your needs, obviating the time and expense of corrective action later on. 

    We communicate in native English

    Our dual-qualified English/Spanish lawyers are expert in Spanish and English company law.


    Professional ethos of the English Bar.

    Highly personalised service

    We keep our clients informed and confident that their matters are well managed and under control.

    Flexible, commercial approach

    We put ourselves in the client’s place and strive to achieve the best outcome.

    Price transparency

    No hidden cost.

    We have offices based in London and Spain but we are not solely an English or Spanish firm. We are a firm of English and Spanish lawyers who have legal qualifications and fluent language skills in both countries.

    As such, we are the firm of choice for foreign investors. Although we mainly deal with Spanish and cross-border transactions, we firmly uphold English quality standards akin to what you would expect from a firm based in England.

    Our clients are based all over the world, so we are happy to communicate in the ways that are most convenient for you. This could be phone calls and emails, video conferencing, or you are more than welcome to arrange face-to-face meetings at our offices in London, Madrid and Almería.

    What our clients say about us

    “Expert law firm, providing services in various areas of Spanish and EU law. Excellent advice and guidance provided, especially in immigration matters for non-EU individuals.” – Google reviews

    “Wonderful team of professionals. All bilingual in Spanish and English. Understand multiculturalism and have lots of experience. Fully recommend.” Google reviews

    Frequently asked questions about Spanish Golden Visas

    What is a Spanish Golden Visa?

    A Spanish Golden Visa is a type of residence permit that grants residency to foreign non-EU nationals who buy real estate in Spain worth at least €500,000. Alternatively, it is possible to obtain a Spanish Golden Visa via another type of investment, such as investments of €2 million in Spanish Government Bonds or shares in Spanish companies worth at least €1 million.

    Why invest in Spain?

    Beyond the lifestyle and incredible food, there are many practical reasons why the Spanish Golden Visa is a great opportunity.

    For one, Spain is an EU country and residence grants the permit holder freedom to travel between ‘Schengen’ countries without needing further visas or even a passport. Other reasons to choose Spain include:

    • Excellent international reputation.
    • Low minimum investment visa value of €500,000.
    • Fastest growing economy of the larger EU economies.
    • High rental yields attractive to buy-to-let investors and owner/occupiers wishing to cover running costs.
    • Top-ranking English international schools.
    • World class healthcare system.
    • Spanish lifestyle & Mediterranean climate.

    How do you obtain a Spanish Golden Visa?

     You must fulfil various criteria to be eligible. These Spanish Golden Visa requirements include:

    • Be over 18 years old.
    • Not be living illegally in Spain.
    • Not have a criminal record in Spain.
    • Have private healthcare for the duration of your stay.
    • Be able to provide evidence of sufficient funds to live on without working in Spain.
    • Not have been previously rejected for residence by Spain or certain other countries.
    • Not be on Spain’s list of ‘undesirable people’.

    You do not have to permanently reside in Spain or be a resident for the purposes of tax under a Golden Visa.

    Critically, you must be able to make a ‘qualifying investment’, which could include:

    • A real estate purchase worth at least €500,000, completed prior to the Golden Visa application and which is free of encumbrances (such as a mortgage).
    • An investment of at least €1 million in a Spanish bank account for at least five years.
    • An investment of at least €1 million in Spanish companies
    • An investment of at least €2 million in Spanish Government Treasury bonds.
    • Starting a business or entrepreneurial projects of ‘general interest’.

    The basic process for obtaining a Spanish Golden Visa is as follows:

    • Make your investment. Our team can help with a wide range of transactions, including property purchases and acquisitions of Spanish companies.
    • Gather the necessary documentation, such as details of your health insurance. We have connections with skilled translators to whom we can refer you to translate documents into Spanish wherever necessary.
    • Make the Golden Visa application – the process will vary depending on whether you are applying from your home country or are already residing in Spain.
    • Obtain your Spanish Foreign Identity Card (TIE).

    How long is the Spanish Golden Visa valid for?

     If the application is made from overseas, applicants initially receive a 1 year Golden Visa which can be converted into a residence permit. If the applicant is already legally in Spain, they may apply directly for a residence permit. The initial residence permit is valid for 2 years and may be extended for periods of 5 years as long as the investment is maintained.

    Where the investor has not yet acquired a property but has exchanged contracts/paid a deposit, a 6 month visa may be granted.

    There is no requirement for a minimum period of residency in Spain during this time, applicants only have to visit Spain once during the period for which the permit has been granted.

    After 5 years, recipients may qualify for permanent residency and, after 10 years of continuous residency in Spain, they may qualify for Spanish nationality. Babies born and living in Spain will be eligible for Spanish nationality 1 year after their birth.

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