We act for clients recovering debts throughout mainland Spain and the Islands. Our specialist debt recovery agents (all qualified lawyers) focus on recovery of clients’ money, with prompt, escalating action to maximise the chances of successful recovery.

We are qualified and experienced in both the Spanish and English systems of law. We view legal issues from both pespectives and design legal solutions to achieve your goals.

This involves relentlessly requesting payment of the money by repeated telephone calls, letters, emails and faxes so as to leave the debtor eventually without any more arguments for not paying.

In the majority of Spanish debt cases, we can offer our services on a success fee basis (no collection, no charge).

The team links closely with our commercial litigation team so we can offer a seamless service advising on defended claims, counter-claims, liens, set offs, retention of title, credit information, dealing with liquidators and receivers and related matters.

In the case of large portfolios of debt, or invoice discounting operations, we provide volume debt collection charges subject to the provision of appropriate warranties as to the reliability of the information provided, the age of the debt, that the ledger has not been previously subjected to a third party debt collection process, the delivery of the necessary documentation, compliance with document retrieval procedures, and customer infrastructure to deliver documentation/information promptly.

In the event that it becomes necessary to take legal action to recover payment of a debt, and the client wishes to proceed, we advise on the appropriate legal action to be taken and provide competitive rates adjusted in proportion to the amount of the debt to be recovered, which we submit to the client for his prior approval.