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We facilitate the international expansion of your MLM business in Spain.

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    The MLM referral selling industry is often beset by illegal pyramid scheme claims, regulatory investigation and distributor issues and litigation.

    Are you launching a new MLM company or having problems with your existing MLM business in Spain? We can help.

    We are English-speaking lawyers specialized in MLM industry regulation, consumer law, door-step selling, consumer credit law, contractual and competition issues affecting multilevel marketing companies.

    We provide legal advice on company start up and guidance as to how to operate a network marketing business in Spain.

    MLM Business Services

    We focus on the direct selling industry in Spain and have extensive experience of:

    • Market entry tax and entity structuring
    • Independent distributor contracts
    • Promotional and sales literature compliance
    • Policies and procedures, code of practice guidelines
    • Regulatory compliance and intervention before regulatory authorities
    • Consumer contracts for door-step selling
    • Contract terms & conditions and warranties
    • VAT, independent contractor tax and social security obligations
    • Distributor compliance with tax registration, catalogue door drop rules, etc.
    • Trademark and intellectual property protection
    • Product labeling

    MLM Business Litigation

    We are accustomed to countering the perception of the “little guy” against the big international company.

    Our specialized team take a pro-active approach to litigation bringing action, where appropriate, against distributors where these engage in compensation plan manipulation or similar misconduct, as opposed to the network marketing company being sued after it terminates the contract.

    We advise you of the appropriate civil or criminal proceedings, the availability of “cease and desist” or other injunctive measures, and act swiftly to preserve and record evidence on social networks.

    • Competition law violations (online sales …)
    • Distributor breach of contract
    • Policy and procedure violations
    • Defamation and calumny actions
    • Cross recruiting
    • Compensation claims on termination of independent distributor contract
    • Dispute resolution before regulatory authorities

    Scudamore Law provides ease of communication, English Bar quality expertise and a highly personalised service with a flexible and commercial approach.

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