We ensure that you receive the best legal advice on Spanish Inheritance law.

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    We are ideally placed to coordinate and reconcile the requirements of the English/foreign law applicable to the inheritance and the procedure and law in Spain.

    Headed up by an English practicing barrister and double qualified in English and Spanish law, Scudamore Law has 20+ years experience of international probate and inheritance law in Spain.

    We deliver prompt, efficient and competitively-priced services. Aided by our expert knowledge of the procedures and documentation in both Spain and the UK, we know the areas where ‘conflicts’ of law arise and how to overcome these, thus avoiding unnecessary delay and expense.

    We provide inheritance & probate services throughout mainland Spain and the Canary and Balearic Islands to clients in the UK & Spain.

    Services delivered to Professional Clients

    Most probate professionals at some time deal with a deceased’s estate which includes property in Spain. This gives rise to questions such as:

    • Do we need to apply for a Grant in Spain to obtain the authority to sell the property in Spain?
    • On the death of the deceased, does the joint account pass by survivorship to the surviving joint holder?
    • Are any inheritance taxes payable in Spain and if so, what is the procedure for reporting and paying?
    • ­Two of the beneficiaries are resident in England but one is resident in Spain: will steps to avoid an English tax charge trigger an unnecessary tax charge in Spain?

    We save you time and inconvenience by providing prompt, reliable advice and information so you can get on with the job of reporting the foreign assets to HMRC for IHT, obtain clear answers to your questions about foreign taxes and the transfer of the property to the beneficiaries.

    You can rest assured that the matter is being competently dealt with, allowing you to close down troublesome foreign asset issues and speedily conclude the administration of the estate.

    Probate and Inheritance Law

    How we help:

    • We deal with the process of winding up the deceased’s estate and transferring property in Spain into the names of the heirs
    • Guide you through the process in Spain of administering and disposing of the Spanish estate. Whether the deceased left an English or Spanish Will, or died without leaving a will, we assist with the efficient winding up of the Spanish estate and distribution of the property to the beneficiaries.
    • Deal with notaries, banks and land registrars concerning issues of foreign law posed by the inheritance, as well as with practical matters such as the location of assets, negotiations with the other heirs or claimants, payment of inheritance tax in Spain for non residents and the final distribution of the Spanish property to the beneficiaries or sale and division of the proceeds.
    • We deal with both contentious and non contentious probate proceedings.
    • Expertise in multi-jurisdictional estates where assets may be located in Spain, the UK and often, in third country jurisdictions, such as the Channel Islands, where we advise and coordinate probate procedures and inheritance tax issues in the various jurisdictions.
    • Legal advice on how to minimise your tax liability in respect of UK and Spanish inheritance tax.

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