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+34 915 939 126

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2, Harcourt Buildings, Temple, LONDON  ECAY 9DB (UK)

    Legal Specialisms

    Inheritance Law

    Headed up by an English practicing barrister and double qualified in English and Spanish law, Scudamore Law has 20+ years experience of international probate and inheritance law in Spain.


    We know the business environment and local practice and place our local knowledge at your disposal. We react quickly and efficiently, alerting you to any out of the ordinary demands by the seller/buyer or legal irregularities affecting the property

    Spanish Tax Advice

    We advise non resident clients wishing to live and work or retire to Spain on their tax liability in Spain and the effects of relevant double taxation treaties.


    Plaza de Castilla, 3 – 15º E2. 28046 MADRID (Spain)
    (+34) 915 939 126


    2, Harcourt Buildings, Temple, LONDON  ECAY 9DB (UK)
    (+44) 0207 097 5550


    El Minarete 4 A, Fase II. Roquetas de Mar, 04740 ALMERIA (Spain)
    (+34) 950 900 001