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The present Cookies Policy states what cookies are and how we use them. You should read the present policy so you can understand what kind of cookies do we use, what information do we get through them and how this information is used. You can further information about how we use the cookies, its storage and your personal details in our Privacy Policy.

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What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that contain information which are saved in your browser or hard disc of your computer or mobile device when you have access to a webpage or application. Cookies purpose is to improve user´s access and use of the Website.

What kind of cookies are on our Website?

We use the following cookies:

  • In-house cookies: Are those that are recorded when you access to our Website and allow us to know your preferences (i.e. language)
  • Analytic cookies: (“Google Analytics”). Our Website uses the free measuring system provided by Google Inc so we can understand how users access and interact in our Website.These cookies do not record user´s identity details.

Google Analytics provides statistical information that let us know the page/s  visited, duration of visits, users´country/ies, keywords, users´ language/s of users, number of visits…

This system enables cookies in the domain of the site where the user is and uses a set of cookies known as “_utma”, “utmb”, “utmc”, “_utmz” whcih obtain information anonymously and to report website trends without identifying  the user.

Scudamore Law is not responsible for the content and accuracy of the terms and conditions and privacy policies of Google Analytics.

In the following link you can find further information about the cookies used by Google Analytics and their privacy policy:

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Consent to the Cookies Policy

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