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Covid-19 Corporate Law Flexible Measures

Introduction: Covid-19 has brought flexible measures for the celebration of GMs for companies, foundations, etc. These measures determine GMs can be hold telematically without the need to attend them physically, shareholders can vote remotely. There is no possibility...

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Covid-19 Extension of Property Tex & Inheritance Tax

Introduction Different scenarios for payment and declaration for Property transfer tax (ITP) and Inheritance tax. Each Autonomous Community has approved their measures for extending payment and declaration of such taxes. There is a discrimination for non residents in...

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Clarification of Mortgage Loan Interest

Introduction Recent ECJ concerning the mortgage loan reference index (known as “IRPH”) considering opportunity for requesting the nullity of such interest rate contained in a vast majority of mortgage deeds in Spain. Clause not transparent for a consumer as the said...

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Covid-19 Employment Obligations

Introduction Additional measures taken by Spanish government towards ERTE procedures. It contains information about the six-month preservation of job positions obligation for employees affected by this procedure, the different possibilities of employment contract...

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Drawing Up a Spanish Will

Introduction Important notes regarding the legal Spanish requirements of drawing up a will, the impact on any wills in Britain and more importantly the best way to speed up the process. Spanish Will There are many questions regarding how to proceed when planning how...

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Covid-19 Spanish Urgent Measures Force Majure

Introduction Brief summary on regulations approved by Spanish government (Real Decretos) during State of Alert to face Covid-19. Includes mentions on ERTE procedures (description of this and Social Security contributions) and changes introduced in rental contracts and...

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Spanish Golden Visa

Looking to acquire residence status in a secure, European Union investor-friendly country? Spain’s “Golden Visa” property investment visa is arguably the best in Europe. Scudamore Law provides a reliable all-in-one Spanish Golden Visa & Real Estate Purchase...

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BREXIT Planning, setting up a company in Spain.

If you are a British company trading with Europe, you will already be feeling the effects of Brexit on your business. Some of the issues are sector specific, such as tariffs, new regulatory burdens and associated certificates/authorisations, passporting rights, health...

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Pre-litigation debt recovery

We act for clients recovering debts throughout mainland Spain and the Islands. Our specialist debt recovery agents (all qualified lawyers) focus on recovery of clients’ money, with prompt, escalating action to maximise the chances of successful recovery. We are...

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ECJ ruling on Spanish inheritance tax

The European Court of Justice has recently delivered its judgment on the discriminatory inheritance and gift tax rules in Spain ('Impueso de Sucesiones y Donaciones' - "ISD") that require non-residents to pay higher taxes than residents...

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Property investment in Spain

Property investment in Spain The Spanish “bad bank”, SAREB, was set up in November 2012 to clean up the Spanish banking sector as a result of excessive property lending. Spanish banks are also selling off their portfolios of non performing loans, swaps, land, flats,...

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Residence permits for foreign investors

Entrepreneurs Support & Internationalisation Law (14/2013) This law aims to attract foreign investment into Spain and came into force on 29 September 2013. It provides for residence permits and visas to be granted to foreign nationals who acquire real estate in...

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Enforcement of divorce orders in Spain

A consent order issued by an English court ordering the division of property upon divorce may be enforced in, depending on the land registry (not all apply the same procedure) and on the terms of the consent order. 1. Exeqatur proceedings. The position of the land...

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Spain’s new inheritance & gift tax rules

On 1 January 2015, changes to the Spanish Inheritance and Gift Tax Law 29/1987 (IGTL) came into force eliminating the discriminatory IGT tax treatment of non-residents in Spain, thus bringing the Spanish IGTL into line with European law following the judgment of the...

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